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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dustin's, Holley

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At the outer reaches of the Rochester area, we find Dustin's in Holley. a few miles west of Brockport. I recently picked up a couple of pepperoni slices at lunchtime.
These had a thin to medium crust, which was a little soft and a little oily underneath. They were topped with a thick layer of melted mozzarella, which lay atop a relatively thin layer of sauce. The sauce had a tomatoey flavor, with faint herbal notes, and a medium-thick consistency.
The slice ended with a thick, bready lip. This was another pizza where I wished that the breadiness of the edge would’ve been found more in the rest of the crust, which didn't have a great deal of character.
Dustin's is your basic small-town pizzeria, with a standard lineup of pizzas, subs, wings, and grilled foods. There's some seating, and they offer free delivery within the village of Holley. It looks like there's also ice cream in season. On my visit, the service wasn't particularly friendly; I wouldn't call it rude, but the vibe I got was that I and the other customer in the shop at the time were more like annoyances than guests. Oh well.
This was OK pizza. Just OK. There was nothing wrong with it, but nothing great either. The flavor was all right, the crust so-so. It was, in fact, pretty average, and so I'll give it an average grade, a C.
Dustin's Pizzeria, 50 Public Square, Holley 14470.
(585) 638-5440

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