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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pizzeria Americana (Greece)

Pizzeria Americana has two locations, one on Long Pond Road in Greece, near the Lake Ontario Parkway, and another on Monroe Ave. in Brighton. The Greece location is officially "Kip's Pizzeria Americana" and the Brighton one is "Pizzeria Americana Ohana." ("Ohana" means "family" in Hawaiian, but I have no idea if there is actually a Hawaiian connection there.) But I digress. Today's pizza comes from the Greece location, which shares Carriage Stop Plaza with a convenience store and a couple of bars. It's pretty much a takeout and delivery place only.
P.A.'s Yellow Pages ad proclaims "Stone Hearth Baked Pizza" and "Over a Million Possibilities!"
As to the former, I do think the use of a stone hearth makes a noticeable difference compared to some pizzerias that use an oven with a metal floor. Stone, like brick, tends to draw away moisture from the dough, and there's no need to oil it. The result is a firm crust that's not soggy, with a slightly charred, non-greasy underside.
The crust at P.A. is about a half inch thick, I guess about average for the Rochester area. Although I'm more of a thin-crust guy, I've found that if a place doesn't typically make thin crust or NY-style pizza, don't ask them to make it thin. If medium is what they typically do, then it's probably what they do best. This crust had a pleasant bready flavor, with a nicely chewy interior.
I'm not sure about the "million possibilities" claim, but they do offer quite a few toppings (I went with fresh basil), including "cup and char" pepperoni (the fat little pepperoni slices that form a "cup" when baked), prosciutto, spinach, artichoke hearts, pine nuts, roasted garlic and clams, to name a few. They also do a number of "gourmet pizzas," such as a grilled-steak pizza, seafood alfredo (doesn't sound good to me, but that's just me) and a "garbage pie" that's basically a garbage plate on a pizza (minus the baked beans, thankfully). I doubt I'll be trying that one anytime soon, but it might be a "bucket list" kind of thing.
The sauce was, well, sauce, and the cheese was applied fairly liberally but was not gloppy, and was pleasingly browned in spots.
Pizzas here come in small (10") and medium (14") pies, and half and full sheets. I've never been a fan of sheet pizza, so if I had a lot of mouths to feed, I'd go with two or more pies rather than a sheet. With the medium-thick crust it is pretty filling stuff though.
The menu also includes a number of appetizers, subs, salads (does anybody actually order salad from a pizza place?) and wings. The wings were OK, but their version of Buffalo sauce was kind of odd - dark, tangy and vinegary. Not bad, necessarily, but not what I would call a Buffalo wing either.
Given my preference for NY-style pizza, Pizzeria Americana would probably be more of an occasional than a regular choice for me, but for a medium-crust pie, I thought it was actually quite good, with a distinctive taste that rates it a cut above the average for the Rochester area. I'll give it a B+.


  1. How can u leave out Tom & Nancey's, absolutely FABULOUS!!! Our families favorite pizza in Rochester #2 choice would have to be North Chili's Pizza Shack. Soooo good we drive out of Henrietta to go get pizza from these places. Check em out.

  2. I reviewed Tom & Nancy's on Aug. 31, 2009. I have not yet reviewed the Chili Pizza Shack, which has moved a couple of times since I started this blog, and which I only recently learned is now located in a convenience store on Buffalo Road. But I'll get to it eventually.

  3. Pizzeria Americana no longer make salads, haven't since about 2007-2008. The best pizza there are Gourmet Steak, Taco pizza, Garbage pie pizza, breakfast pizza and one of the most common I see, the Chicken wing pizza.

  4. Thanks for the updated information, I appreciate it.