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Thursday, April 16, 2009

TV Alert: "Food Detectives" looks into NYC pizza

This doesn't directly relate to Rochester pizza, but I thought it was interesting enough to pass on to other pizza lovers. The Food Network show, "Food Detectives" did an episode last week that looked into the notion that the reason why New York City pizza is so good is that New York's tap water is so good, or at least good for pizza making. To test the theory, they had a NYC pizza chef make three pizzas, identical except for the water: one was made with NY tap water, another with water shipped in from Chicago, and another from L.A. In a blind taste test, the judges all preferred the pizza made with the local stuff.
This was hardly conclusive evidence of anything, scientifically speaking I guess, but it was intriguing. Unfortunately they didn't provide any information about how, chemically, the tap water in NYC differs from that in Chicago or L.A., nor did they offer any theories about why it makes a difference. It also made me wonder how our water stacks up against the Big Apple's. If I'm really bored some day I may see if I can find a water quality report for NYC and try to compare it to the Monroe County Water Quality Table.
Anyway, if you'd like to see the show, it will be repeated this Sunday, April 19 at 4:00 p.m. on the Food Network.


  1. Speaking of NYC pizza, you should review Main Street Pizza in Brockport (if you're ever out this far). I feel that it will be worth your while.

  2. I have been there, I've had mixed experiences there, but I will be back.

  3. I saw that episode. I was very annoyed with the way they dismissed Chicago pizza. I'm from the Chicago area, and there are several different styles that have been served in the city for decades. I grew up eating a very thin crust, which is my personal favorite. There are the deep dish pan pizzas, like Gino's East, which is what people mistakenly think is the only Chicago pizza. There are also pizzas with a shortbread-type crust, like Lou Malnati's. All are delicious and better than any of the pizzas I've had in NYC.

  4. I've heard that Chicago has its own style of thin-crust pizza, but for better or worse say "Chicago pizza" and 99% of people outside of Chicago will think Uno's or something like it. Certainly the show was skewed in favor of NY pizza, and it would've been interesting to have a non-NYer or two among the judges, but what was interesting nonethelss was that it did suggest that (1) the water makes a noticeable difference in the finished pizza and (2) if you're trying to make "authentic" NY (or Chicago, or wherever) pizza it might be difficult to do if the water you're using doesn't have a chemically similar profile to the water in that city.

  5. While I'm on the subject, check out the Chicago Pizza Club link on my "Links" list for a look at the diverse world of Chicago pizza.