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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Paulie's, Latta Road, Greece

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Paulie's Pizza is on Latta Road in Greece, in a small strip plaza just east of Dewey Ave. It bills itself as the "Home of the 18" Large," with the added notation that "the Competition's is Just 16"."
For some reason I was expecting this to be a NY-style pizza, or at least thin, maybe because I associate big, 18" pies with thin crusts.
Well anyway, this wasn't NY style, or particularly thin. It was medium-to-thick, with a soft, chewy crust. The mottled underside varied from pale to golden to dark brown, with no charring and a soft exterior. Like the rest of the pizza, it was not at all greasy.
The cheese was applied moderately, was a little browned on top, and was quite stringy, at least while the pizza remained hot. The sauce was fairly noticeable on the palate, and had a bright tomatoey flavor. Interestingly, the pepperoni pizza comes with both the usual wide-and-thin, and "cup 'n' char" slices, which was a nice tough that added a pleasant variety to the pie.
Paulie's offers red, white, or "pink" sauce on its pizza - I assume pink sauce isn't really pink, but a combination of the red and white sauces - and quite a few specialty pies, including a baked potato pizza, alfredo pizzas, and frittata pizza. They also have calzones, wings, "plates," salads, hot and cold subs, daily fish fries (or is it fish frys?) and a few fried sides, plus some sweets like brownies and cannolis.
Besides their 18" large, Paulie's has a deal where you get a free large pizza for every 10 purchases of $10 or more. It may 'not sound like much, but for a regular customer its a nice reward. Just remember to get your receipt stamped.
This was pretty good pizza. Very bready, and pretty filling. The toppings were good, and it wasn't greasy. I enjoyed its bready qualities, but this was one of those that, for my tastes, are just a little too thick and bready, and I would've liked a bit more bread-like crustiness on the outside, instead of just soft chewiness all the way through. Still, pretty good overall. I'll give it a B-.
Paulie's Pizza, 1250 Latta Road, Greece. 663-9150
Mon. - Thu.. 4 pm - 9 pm, Fri. & Sat. 11 am - 10 pm, Sun. noon - 9 pm.


  1. I have gotten the sheet from paulies like 2 times and I will say Since you don't like sheet pizza's You would most definitely like their sheet pizza..ITS THIN and the dough is seasoned quite lovely..has a home made flare to it. after the first time it might get a little old..but every once in a while its great.

  2. Interesting ... most places it's just the opposite, the "regular" pizza is thin and the sheet pizza is thick. I'll have to get back there sometime.

  3. I order my pizza from here thin and it's perfect-you can really taste the sweet sauce. Also-they now have a "paulie's plate pizza" and a pulled pork pizza. Both are awesome! If looking for something a little different, they will make any sub into a "pocket" meaning placed in pizza dough and baked like a calzone...the pulled pork pocket is incredible. This is my favorite place for pizza in Rochester!

  4. New pizzeria in Greece:
    Uncle Eddie's Pizzeria (4402 dewey ave)

  5. I guess Paulie's pizza is now Grand Amore Pizza...

  6. Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out.

  7. Oops i meant "Grande Amore Pizza"... Grande with an "e" at the end of it.