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Monday, November 16, 2009

Roma's Cafe, University Ave.

Roma’s café is on University Avenue, just west of Culver. It’s in one of those red brick buildings near Hot Shots and Towner’s Bikes. The entrance is on the side of the building, and I would never had noticed it except for a small A-frame sign out in front with that magic word, “Pizza.”
It’s a pretty small operation, with a counter right inside the door serving up coffee drinks and other takeout items. I picked up a couple of cheese slices.
The slices had a thin crust, with a fairly thick lip at the edge. I detected a slight odor of cooking oil, but they weren’t particularly greasy, and the undersides were dry. They weren’t exactly charred, but they did have a pleasant toastiness and a bit of crispness. The edge was nice and bready, making it more than just a “throwaway” crust.
The sauce was pretty lightly applied, and took a bact seat to the cheese, which had a tangy flavor that rather dominated the pizza, particularly since the cheese layer was nearly as thick as the crust itself. It was just a little browned, and retained enough moisture to give the slice an overall wet moutfeel, despite the relatively modest amount of sauce.
Roma’s offers three types of slices - cheese, pepperoni, and a specialty slice of the day. Pies come in 10" and 14" sizes. The toppings list is pretty short - eight items - and they also have Buffalo chicken and white pizzas, plus calzones.
Non-pizza fare includes breakfast sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, wraps, chili and soup. They have a full menu of hot and cold coffee specialty drinks.
This wasn’t bad pizza by any means, and I hope they continue, but I must say that aside from that A-frame sign that caught my eye, so far this place is well under the radar. Nothing relevant came up when I googled the name and address. The menu doesn’t have the address, phone number, or hours. And the server, though not rude, was, well, not exactly friendly either.
So, back to the pizza, I’d say this was somewhat better than average, a bit out of balace, perhaps, but with a decent crust and good flavor overall. I’ll give it a B.
Roma’s Café, University Ave.
7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (at least that’s what the sign on the side of the building says - I don’t know if that’s just weekdays)

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