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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shooters, Fairport

Sorry if you're reading this expecting a review of Shooters' wood-fired pizza, but at least that will give you an idea of how I felt when I went there for lunch today. After deciding on a Margherita from among Shooters' tempting pizza menu, I noticed that the oven appeared to be dormant. Sure enough, when I was ready to order, I was told that pizzas were not being served today because "there's nobody here to make them."
Well, I know that not just anybody can make a pizza, much less in a wood-fired oven, but if you're going to advertise wood-fired pizza, you should do your damnedest to make sure that there's a pizzaiolo on hand to make them. And if some extraordinary circumstances arise that prevent that from happening, then instruct the wait staff to explain that to the customers, preferably before they've looked at the menu.
Otherwise, my companions' and my food was OK, some hits, some misses. Assuming Shooters eventually begins actually serving pizza on a regular basis, I will go back to try it, but probably not anytime soon, and not without calling ahead.


  1. I've noticed more and more bars featuring pizza these days (like Rookies in Pittsford)... maybe since bars don't typically specialize in pizza, they don't have the staff to support making them if an issue arises.

  2. I've also noticed that trend. Though I haven't tried Rookies yet, I think some bars probably keep it simple with premade crusts. If you're going to serve pizza made from scratch, then you need to have adequate staffing, otherwise don't bother, because you'll just end up losing customers when they come in for pizza and can't get any.

  3. Actually this is gonna be a bold statement but .... shooters in my opinion has one of the best woodfired pizzas around.Every time iv gone in there my husband and i get there pizzas..

  4. That makes it all the more frustraing then. Maybe I'll try to get back there sooner than later. But I will call ahead.

  5. Yet another new *bar* with pizza: Brickwood Grill on Monroe Ave (