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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For Home Cooks: Scaccia Ragusana

In my Jozeppi's post I mentioned pizza-like concoctions (calzones, strombolis, etc.). Over the weekend I tried my hand at this recipe. I'd never heard of Scaccia Ragusana until I ran across a reference to it recently. It's kind of a cross between a stromboli and lasagna, made with pasta dough (no yeast).
It didn't look quite as nice as the one in the photo, but it was pretty tasty and I'd make it again. If you do, though, I have some advice: construct it on the parchment paper, so you don't have to pick it up and move it before it's baked, which was difficult to do. Also, the 12 oz. of Romano cheese is apparently by volume, not weight - 12 oz. by weight would've been way too much.
If you've never made fresh pasta, don't sweat it - it was an easy dough to make and work with, easier in some ways than bread or pizza dough. I used a mix of Bob's Red Mill durum semolina flour and bread flour, and it handled easily.
Other than the use of some bread flour, I pretty much followed the recipe, but it would also be easy to do some variations - different cheeses, maybe some meat or veggies, just slice everything thin so you don't tear the dough.

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