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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rubino's, Webster

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I've long been familiar with Rubino's, going back to when they had a location at the Midtown Plaza food court. I always thought they made pretty good subs, but Midtown's only a memory, and in recent years I kind of stopped paying attention to Rubino's. I think they also had a small place on State Street across from Kodak for a while, but that's gone too, and since I started this blog my sub consumption has declined precipitously.
So I owe some thanks to the reader who recently informed me that Rubino's has a place in Webster that serves pizza. Come to find out, their other locations do too, according to the menu on their website, but Webster's the one that I checked out.
I ordered a medium pepperoni pizza to go (the photos were taken immediately after I got it, so it was still fresh and hot). It had a thin to medium crust, with a soft pale bottom. It was a little doughy, and just a bit crisp along the edge. As is often the case with soft-crusted pizzas, I liked the crisp edge better than the soft middle.
The crust was topped by a thin layer of sauce, which had some herbal flavor, but was nonetheless on the bland side. The melted mozzarella was a little chewy and easily separated from the crust.
I haven't been to any of the other Rubino's, but the one in Webster is, I believe, unique among them in that it includes a sports bar. The atmosphere, at lunch anyway, was more deli than bar, and they close at 8 p.m., so it's not a place to go hang out all night, but the bar and numerous HDTVs make it a good option for watching a daytime or late-afternoon game over a cold pint and a pizza.
Or more likely, a sub. Rubino's is still primarily a deli, not a pizzeria, as one look at their menu confirms. It's dominated by the subs, which are far too numerous to list here, but they've got as wide a variety of hot and cold subs as you'll find in the area. And prices include up to seven toppings of your choice. I'm particularly intrigued by the "garlic subs" - which I guess means on a toasted, garlic-bread style roll. They also offer panini, pasta and salads.
The pizza? Well, it was OK. Not great, but good enough. But the subs are a better option here, and for pizza I'd probably go elsewhere. I'll give the pizza a C-minus.
Rubino's Italian Submarines and Sports Pub, 44 E. Main St., Webster
Tel.: 265-0870
Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. -8 p.m.
Other locations at 343 East Ave. and 1659 Mt. Hope Ave. in Rochester, and 349 W. Commercial St. in East Rochester


  1. I don't remember a Rubino's across from Kodak on State Street, but there was one on Ridge Road West across from Kodak Park (the building that's now known as Theater on the Ridge). I haven't driven by there in a while, so I'm not sure what's located there now.

  2. The comment by Laurie is correct. Rubino's was located on Ridge Road West across the street from Kodak Park(Theater on the Ridge). It was a staple in that area for almost 25yrs before relocating to Webster, NY.


  3. There was another one at 362 State St. Then it became DiPisa Old World Submarines. Now I don't know, that whole block has been undergoing renovation.

  4. Pizza Guy, neither you, Laurie or myself are incorrect in regards to Rubino's Italian Submarines on Ridge Rd West ‘and’ Rubino's Italian Submarines at 362 State Street. Rubino’s Italian Submarines existed at ‘both’ locations at various time frames.

    Di Pisa Old World Submarines, is owned by two men, one of whome is Carlo Di Pisa. At one time it operated under the name: Rubino's Italian Submarines by the same individual Carlo Di Pisa.


    The same individual Carlo Di Pisa is 'also' the owner of
    Rubino's Italian Submarines, located at 2160 Penfield Rd.


    There you have it. Somewhat confusing, however it clears up some of the confusion, and verifies that we all are essentially correct.


    1. Thanks, STM, for this bit of trivia. I found it interesting!

  5. Everyone seems to have missed the main (no pizza) store on Ridge Road.

    The DiPisa sub shop on State Street has an old picture of the shop (with a RPD horse helfway in the door). The name on the store is "Rubino's".