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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GIVEAWAY from World Vision Gift Catalog

With the holiday season approaching, now's a good time to consider the World Vision Gift Catalog as a source for your gift-giving. Not only can you choose some truly unique, meaningful gifts for your loved ones, but your gift will benefit people in need around the globe.
Here are some suggestions from World Vision on how to make  your holiday season more meaningful: 
  • Organize a family giving night and have kids select charitable gifts from an organization such as the World Vision Gift Catalog. Talk with your children about how giving back changes lives of children and families living in poverty and that their efforts truly make a difference.

  • Host a house party for friends and family and ask your guests to contribute to a share of a group gift such as a farm animal, winter clothing or school supplies to families in need, or even a water well. Make the selection of the item, how to raise funds for that gift, and the collection of the money a collaborative, group effort.

  • After Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping, consider celebrating Giving Tuesday (12/3) and make meaningful, life-changing gift purchases such as medicine, mosquito nets or a fish pond.

  • Be active in your giving -- volunteer at your local homeless shelter or senior living center; cook a meal or bake cookies for an elderly family member or neighbor.
Whether you choose to shop from World Vision or not, I have a giveaway to offer. This box of cinnamon is carved from cinnamon bark, and contains three ounces of Vietnamese cinnamon, which is generally considered the best in the world. The lid bears an Asian symbol for prosperity.

To win, simply leave a comment at the end of this blog post. I'll select a winner at random this Friday, November 15, shortly after noon. I will need your mailing address if you win. And win or not, please take a look at the catalog and consider it as a source for your gift-giving.


  1. Always willing to gambooool it up

    1. Me too; this would be perfect for my mom; I always send her some sort of unique food for Christmas.

  2. Great gifts to give to someone you love that in turn help out those in need!
    Beth H

  3. Thanks for the suggestion! It's nice to give gifts that can help others as well.

  4. I have never heard of that catalog, thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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