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Friday, June 5, 2009

Rhino's Pizzeria, Webster

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Rhino's Pizzeria is located at a rather unlikely location in Village of Webster, in a cinderblock building on a side street in a semi-residential area not far off 104. I have a rule of thumb, though, that if you find a successful restaurant in an out-of-the-way location, it's probably a good restaurant. And judging by the lunchtime crowd, Rhino's looked pretty successful to me.
Rhino's serves slices, but they're not up front where you can see them, so I just ordered a cheese slice, figuring that was a pretty safe bet.
Not wanting a lot of packaging, I ordered it "for here," even though I intended to take it out. Though you order at the counter, eat-in orders are delivered to your table, so I sat at a booth near the register, right next to the autographed photo of Webster resident and rock legend Lou Gramm. My slice was brought out to me after a few minutes.
The underside of the crust was well-dusted with flour, and had a moderate amount of dark brown, nearly-charred areas. It had a nice, crisp, crackly bite to it and was just on the thin side of medium. The slightly thicker edge had a fresh, bready flavor and was pleasingly crunchy.
The cheese was laid on pretty heavily, and was stringy. This was a cheesy slice. It was straight mozzarella, I think, and might've been whole milk mozzarella, as there was a fair amount of grease oozing out of it. The sauce was unremarkable and stayed very much in the background.
Rhino's has the usual toppings available, and a handful of specialty pizzas, including a "chicken fajita pizza." They also have plenty of sides and appetizers, salads, wings, grill items, and a wide variety of subs. There are several booths for eat-in patrons, and they get extra points for having free delivery.
This was a pretty good slice: well browned, crisp, reasonably thin, maybe a little heavy on the cheese, but pretty good. Kind of like a New York slice on steroids: a little wider, a little thicker, a little cheesier, certainly heavier, but with good flavor and texture. I'll give it a B.

Rhino's Pizzeria & Deli, 85 Donovan St., Webster. 872-3150

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