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Friday, June 19, 2009

TK's Pizzeria, Fairport

T K's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon.
T.K.'s Pizzeria is in the middle of the village of Fairport, on Liftbridge Lane, just north of the canal. I tried a lunchtime cheese slice, which was the only kind available at that moment.
T.K.'s menu advertises thin, medium or thick crust pies. I'm guessing this was medium, although I suppose it could've been considered thin.
The browned underside had a crunchy, crackly exterior, with some interior bready texture and flavor. The slice was doused with a fair amount of sauce, which had a somewhat tangy acidic bite. I spotted a few flecks of dried herbs, but it wasn't an especially herbal sauce.
What stood out most was the cheese. I'm not sure if it was 100% mozzarella or a blend of cheeses, but it was definitely applied on the thick side, and was rather chewy. Cheese was the main component here.
T.K.'s has a modest number of toppings available, as well as subs, wings, salads, and a handful of sides. It's nothing fancy on the inside, but there's ample seating. Somewhat unusually for a pizzeria, they're open for lunch from 11 to 1:30, and again for dinner from 4 till 10 (11 on weekends).
Cheesiness aside, the adjective that came to mind as I was eating this slice was "uncomplicated." Medium-thick, bready crust, straightforward sauce, and lots of cheese. Not a bad slice at all, though a tad heavy on the cheese, and a bit thicker than I like. But for what it was - and I guess I'd say this fits within the rough category of "Rochester style" - it was well made, and I'll give it a B.
T.K.'s Pizzeria, 27 Liftbridge Lane, Fairport. 388-1700


  1. Never had a cheese slice from there - actually never just got a slice. I always get the get a whole pie, usually with peperoni and sliced sausage. Never had a bad pie from there. In fact I miss them a bunch

  2. You obviously don't know anything about Pizza. TK's is the best Pizza in the Rochester area, and probably the best in the world. I freeze pie's up and fly them overseas. This blog is a joke.

  3. What was I thinking, giving the best pizza in the world only a B, saying that it was not bad at all, and that it was well made?
    Actually, you're quite right. I don't know the first thing about pizza. This entire blog was only meant as a joke. Congratulations on being the first to spot the joke.

  4. Note to readers: TK's is a cash-only establishment! (It's worth it.)