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Monday, December 7, 2009

Salvatore's to open pizzeria/bar

I mentioned not long ago that there are surprisingly few bars around here that serve pizza. Lately, they've been sprouting up in some numbers, though, and now comes word of another.
If you pay any attention to local news you must've heard about the recent fire in a Family Dollar plaza in Rochester. Now comes word that one of the plaza tenants, Salvatore's Pizzeria, is relocating that particular operation to the old Maxwell's Bar & Grill around the corner on E. Ridge Rd. This will be Salvatore's first location with a bar. Remarkably, it's supposed to be opening this Wednesday. Whatever you think of Salvatore's pizza, give "Soccer Sam" Fantuzzo credit for a quick turnaround and keeping his staff employed over the holidays.


  1. What do you think of salvatores?

  2. I reviewed the E. Main St. location last April and gave it a C. I don't know how consistent it is from one location to another but this one had a thick, surprisingly airy crust, and was kind of bland. So I don't hate it, and I'd take it over Pizza Hut any day, but as usual with chains, it's hard to understand why it's become so successful.