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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brandani's: yeah, it's that good.

Not a full-blown review here, just a report that a lunchtime visit confirms that I was right in giving Brandani's an "A" back in April.
Brandani's has a pretty wide selection of slices at lunch. From what I could see, the only thing differentiating them is the toppings. In other words, they don't offer thin or thick, Neapolitan or Sicilian, or anything like that. Same crust, different toppings, with prices ranging from $2.50 to $3.50. The slices are cut from roughly rectangular pizzas, so the exact dimensions may vary a little, but they're a pretty good size. My two corner slices measured about a foot along the longest edge. And the crust is on the thick side, so by weight they're probably at least equal to a lot of "mega slices" that you'll find elsewhere.
I got a primavera slice with tomatoes and Romano, and a sausage, peppers and onions slice. Damn, they were good.
Primarily because of the crust. I've said it before, I'll say it again - the key to great pizza is the crust. Anybody can put the same toppings on a pizza, but the crust is a pizzeria's signature, and Brandani's is terrific. Crisp, toasty underside, chewy, bready interior, this is what a crust should be. In the past, when I've given unfavorable reviews, some people have told me, "Well, you just don't like thick crusts." Wrong. This is kind of thick, but I loved it, including the outer lip, which is very thick.
Oh yeah, the toppings were good, too. I will say that with a thicker crust like this, you're probably better off going with some relatively hearty, flavorful toppings. Along those lines, I'd give a narrow edge here to the sausage, peppers, and onions, but they were both good, and well balanced with each other, the crust, and the sauce, which was noticeable but remained in a supporting role here.
Well, that's it. If you haven't tried Brandani's yet, get your butt down there. Whether you get a full pizza or just a slice or two, you can't go wrong.
Brandani's Pizza, 2595 W. Henrietta Rd. 272-7180
Mon. - Sat. 11 a.m. - 9 p.m., Sun. 12 noon - 7 p.m.


  1. I'm not a fan of thick crust, but I did enjoy Brandani's. We ordered a fresh pie and ate it on-site. I must say, it equals the best sauce and cheese I've ever had on a pizza. And as far as thick crust goes, this is how thick should be done. Perhaps the large round we had is thicker than the slices from the rectangular pan.

    At any rate, the things I've heard are true...Brandani's is a must for pizza lovers.

  2. Picked up two large pizza's, one pepperoni and one mushrooms with extra cheese. It was OK at best. Sauce was average and the mushrooms were out of a can. Would not go back anytime soon.

  3. I can't stand mushrooms in any form so I wouldn't know about that. But I guess it just shows again, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pizza, or food in general.

  4. I tried a slice of pepperoni. Great dough. Tasted like fresh bread. Nice and crunchy on bottom. Even the butt end was edible. This type of crust is perfect with a bit of honey. I wish I brought some. Should be packets of it at every pizza joint! It's a staple at The kitchen Sink in Boulder CO.

  5. Very interesting! I've used honey in making pizza dough but never heard of it used after the pizza's done baking. I'll have to try that sometime.

  6. I've been getting Brandani's for lunch for ten years now and just tried their Buffalo Chicken slice for the first time. Ho my god, it was amazing, easily best version I've tried. Two suggestions I have: When you order tell them to warm it up on the stone. It crisps up to perfection...and is hotter than when they use the screen. Also, order a side of bleu cheese for the crust. You will achieve pizza nirvana like I just did.

  7. Oh do I want to run down there right now and get one. Thanks for the advice.

  8. Probably the best pizza in Rochester too bad other pizzeria's can't compete