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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tell 'em Pizza Guy sent you

Occasionally readers tell me that they are going to try, or have tried, a place based on my reviews or recommendations. More often than not, I've gotten thanks for steering somebody toward a good pizzeria, which is gratifying to know.
If you do go to a place because of what you've read here, do me a favor and tell them so. Long range, I plan to start doing more interviews, features, business profiles, etc. - and it would be helpful if local pizzeria owners, managers and employees were aware of this blog and knew that it had a certain readership. If I ask somebody for an interview, or just for some information about their pizzeria, I think I'd probably find it a lot easier to get a positive response if the person I'm speaking with has already heard good things about the blog. Otherwise, they may think I'm just some crank who's not worth their time. Thanks.


  1. I suppose its a good idea if ppl mentioned the blog at, say Pizza Stop, Joe's Brooklyn, Brandani's, and the like...
    Probably not such a good idea at Checker Flag or Hong Kong House lol :)
    (ps--your pic of the slices at Checker Flag still crack me up)

  2. True. But I'm assuming not too many people are going to go to the latter establishments based on my reviews.

  3. Just discovered this blog! OMG - thanks! Growing up in New Haven, CT, on Pepe's and Sally's, I have not been able to find anything like it here in Rochester!

    Since I live in Fairport and work in Webster, I plan on trying Pizza Chef and Martino's ASAP.

    What place in the eastern burbs would you say most closely resembles New Haven pizza?

    Have you been able to find a (thin) white clam on the menu anywhere???

  4. Sadly, I have never been to New Haven, so I can't really answer your first question. For clam pizza, try Joe's in Henrietta. It's thin, it's good, and they have clams on the menu. They don't offer a clam pizza as such but the owner is from downstate and I'm sure they could make one for you.
    I hope you enjoy Pizza Chef and Martino's. Keep in mind I only tried them once. From the comments I got, Martino's in particular sounds like kind of a hit and miss thing.