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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bada Bings, Norton St. - CLOSED

 Bada Bings opened a few weeks ago, in the space formery occupied by Perri's and Piatza's on Norton St. Is it a cursed space for a pizzeria, or will the third time be the charm? Time will tell.
I stopped by last week and got two slices, one pepperoni and one plain. I guess I should've asked how big they were first, because these were huge, and two slices was way more than I wanted. Oh well.
It seems to me that "big slice" pizza is almost a style unto itself. There are some places, like Pontillo's, that offer big slices that don't fit the mold, but most of these places offer a style of pizza that's thin, screen baked, and floppy. I can't really call it New York style, because it lacks the crispness of NY pizza, and because NY pizza generally never touches a screen, in my experience.
There are probably logical reasons for this. Maybe if you're making a truly enormous pizza you almost have to use a screen, since the pie might be wider than the average pizza peel, and I suppose it makes sense to make it thin, for reasons of cost and convenience. But I can't see why the crust has to be so pale and soft.
As with any style of pizza, though, some big slices are better than others. These fell somewhere in the middle. The underside was screen baked and pale (*sigh*), but it was at least a little crisp after rewarming in the oven. And it seemed to have the basic makings of a good crust, with some bready flavor and a chewy texture.
The sauce and cheese were added in proportion to the crust, making these well balanced pizzas. The sauce was tomatoey and slightly sweet, and the mozzarella was well melted and chewy. It was a little more browned on the cheese slice, and seemed to have been unevenly distributed, or perhaps migrated a bit on the pepperoni slice. (Oddly, it migrated away from the tip - ususally it seems to head for the center of the pie, which is usually thinner. I was pretty careful to keep the slices horizontal, so I don't think it was anything I did. But no biggie.)
Bada Bings offers pizzas in sizes ranging from small (8 inches) to the 28-inch-diameter "King," which I assume was the source of my slices, as well as sheet pizzas. They have 20 toppings and four specialty pizzas, plus calzones, wings (8 sauces, if you count the various gradations of heat with the Buffalo sauce), hot subs, burgers and dogs, pasta, a Friday fish fry, and sides. It's pretty much a takeout place.
Well, this was OK pizza. It wasn't greasy, and the flavor was pretty good overall. I can't give it a rave review as the crust was just a little too lifeless for me, but you could do worse for three bucks. I'll put it right at average, for a grade of C.
Bada Bings Pizzeria, 1733 Norton St. 14609. 323-BING (2464)
Sun. - Thu. 11 a.m. - 11 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. - 3 a.m.


  1. Are you sure it was Piatza's there before? I thought it was Mama Rosa's Express.

  2. That too. So make this the fourth pizzeria there in the last few years.

  3. So - That's a ton of turnover and not a good sign for quality in my mind... Is there a problem with the building or something?

  4. It's hard to say sometimes what goes into making a location good or bad. But I'd be nervous about trying a pizzeria there.

  5. Arrogance and lack of due diligence. In the real world, people are not nearly as smart as they sometimes think they are.

    Citation 1.
    9 South Ave., Webster, NY. Just off Main Street, right in the heart of the village.

    1. Costanza's
    2. Goodfellas
    3. Jimmy G's
    4. Bassetti's

    CONCLUSION: Same location, same result….FAILD.

    Citation 2.
    2225 Empire Blvd, Webster NY. (Across from Loew's Theater)

    1. Captain Tony's Pizza and Pasta Emporium
    2. Dominos Pizza
    3. DiRosato's Pizza
    4. Coliseum Pizza
    5. Pizza Roma

    CONCLUSION: Same location, same result: FAILD.

    Basic trend forecasting would surmise that the above-mentioned locations are not ideal for a pizzeria.

    Personal Note: I seriously doubt every pizzeria listed above sucked! At some point the question that must be considered is strait forward: “Perhaps the location is the problem, not the product.”

  6. I went to Bada Bings today for lunch and found there Pizza was very good, The new owner was very personable and the feel of this pizzeria was that of NEW YORK, the slice as you said was huge and I loved the taste... very good pie slice for the price... I asked the owner how come it keeps changing owners and his reply was; Because I wasn't here, he then smiled and said he will be here for atleast 3 more years.. he then said he was like a tornado unstoppable. he sounded confident in his status but who really knows! overall I will go again and try the 2 foot Bay Bomber steak sub... I will also stop in for a slice as i thought it was very good!

    thx Tim D

  7. I used to work with Mike, the owner, at another business. Possibly one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Period. I myself am a pizza snob but will be trying Bada Bing for the first time despite my dedication to a few places. This is right in the heart of a little old Italian neighborhood at Norton/Goodman.

    Give the new guy a chance and win back a little piece of old America. Most pizzerias in NYC suck now anyway, so who is to judge what one person likes? Good call on the genrous slice! I can't eat as much as when I was 20!

    Nice blog, I will be checking it out again.

    Oh, try Colliseums in Dansville!

  8. Okay so I have to start out by saying this Pizza is Slammin. I am shocked to see a C rating on this pizza.... I orderd a Med pie ... with pep, sausage, mushrooms and sweet peppers... OMG it is the best Pizza I have ever had..... Period. and The guy that runs this place is a sweetheart he treated all his customers with a smile and respect. and you could see a good spirit in his soul like everyone loves him.... I loved him and his pie. lol so I cant wait to go back again and take another picture with the Don... xoxoxox

  9. Hey, I'm glad you liked it and that you shared your experience. The more input the better.

  10. From 'anonymous' Oct. 11/2011.

    Ok. If you read what I wrote I don't know how to sound unbiased but here is my report of Bada Bing's.

    On the 11th I ordered a Medium with suasage and pep. It was your standard medium size, and was awesome. It was one of those crusts you almost want to describe as heavy but light at the same time. Calling it heavy would be an injustice, as I hate the feeling of a brick in my stomach you would associate with a crust describalble by the single word. The two toppings were both what pizza conisours expect in the visions of your 'Good Pizza' mental standard in the Platonic world of perfect forms. My wife and I were stuffed to the comfortable stage and not beyond which in my mind makes a true couples pizza.

    It was definately describale as delicious.

    Today we had the corner pocket blues so opted for the slices. If you ever wish you were still a toddler get one as they are rediculously huge (I am 6'1 myself, and couldnt finish the end). Keep in mind that this location serves both east Irondeqoit and the northeast of Rochester, a poorer neighborhood. If you want to fill up for cheap and want Pizza, get a slice! You can curl up and sleep in what you don't finish.

    However, I must state that NO pizzeria has a slice that is indicative of the standard flavor, and this holds true here and across the board. I used to work at Pizzeria Americana in Brighton and can tell you that the slices were never as good as the real deal. There are several factors, including how much the dough was stretched, how long it has been sitting, how long it has been setting, and whether or not it was reheated. People who have worked in the smaller pizzerias can attest to this as readily as how long it takes to become absolutely sick of pizza- It CAN HAPPEN! These factors lead to the simple truth of the slice, a mantra one must hold true throughout ones epicurean adventures: "A slice does NOT the pizza represent!".

    Not convinced? Try that hot dog thats been sitting on the roller for twenty four hours at the gas station!

    So if you can, spring for a medium or small.

    I will definately be keeping Bada Bing's in my rounds as a snobbish conisour, and on a regular basis.

    If you are debating whether or not it fits your taste, I will list my personal favorites in no particular Order:


    2 Ton Tony's
    Bada Bings
    Bay Goodman


    (corner of Latta and Long pond, traditional old school Italian Family ristorante fare)



    Chester Cab (Deep Dish)
    I must admit I HATE sweet sauce, but this is the fitting and delectable exception! (it isn't TOO sweet)

    Captain Tony's
    (for childhood nostalgia)

    ACME Bar and grill- and I don't drink!

    Also, if you know anybody from Brooklyn, and aren't wasting there time, ask them about the place where they serve the sauce on top of the pie. That has been described to me as the exception to the rule for old school NYC good pizza.

    As I said, due to my familiarity with the owner aforementioned I can't convince you that I am unbiased. But I DID throw cash down twice in a fortnight there, and I am picky.

    Give it a try! And hey, nice blog.


  11. Anon Oct 11/Oct 23rd:

    Post script:

    Sorry, what I meant to say about the exception to old school NYC good pizza, I meant in the case that it is nearly non-existent there these days.

    Also, I havent been to the pizzeria in Dansville NY in 11 years- Is it still there downtown?

  12. I haven't been through Dansville in a while - next time I'll check out the pizza scene. And thanks for the extensive review.

  13. Joe's Brooklyn Pizza in Henrietta on Jefferson Road is great too

  14. Not surprisingly, this place closed down.