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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stafford Trading Post

If you've been following this blog for a while, you may have wondered how I find all these pizzerias. Or maybe you haven't.
At any rate, it's not quite as simple as it might seem. Sure, there are obvious sources like the Yellow Pages and the internet, but there is no single place you can go to, to find a comprehensive list of area pizzerias.
So I rely on a combination of sources, including personal observation when I'm driving around, recommendations from readers, and scanning publications like Freetime, City, and the Penny Saver for ads and articles.
Somewhere along the line, I heard about the Stafford Trading Post in Stafford, which is a little east of Batavia. So I marked that on my mental radar screen as a place to check out sometime. Well, sometime finally came, and I stopped by as I was driving through the area.
This is a typical small town mom 'n' pop store (in other words, it's not a prefab chain minimart), and is worth a stop for that reason alone, if you, like me, like these little slices of Americana. There were a couple of sliced pizzas available when I arrived, one with pepperoni, and a white veggie pizza. Both looked pretty fresh. I got a pepperoni slice.
The thin to medium crust was golden brown underneath, and rather soft. It had a doughy texture and aroma. The crust was topped with a somewhat gloppy layer of melted mozzarella, over a slightly sweet, herbal red sauce. The wide and thin slices of pepperoni were OK, though not particularly crisp.
This pizza was, well, decent, but it left me scratching my head a bit wondering why the STP had been so heartily endorsed by whomever it was whose recommendation led me here. It was freshly made, I'll grant it that - no cardboard-like, premade crust here - and it had a certain enjoyable flavor and balance of components. But it was nothing too special, either. I'll give it a C.
Stafford Trading Post, 6177 E. Main St. Rd., Stafford. (585) 343-5658
Hours not available, but open daily.


  1. I agree that the normal slices from there are average, but their cheeseburger pizza is AWESOME!

  2. The yellow pages is one of the WORST sources. They have so many outdated and closed entries, its laughable. I have seen restaurants in the yellow pages that have been closed for years!

  3. I've noticed that too. Very strange. That's why I usually try to confirm by calling ahead before I go to a place based on a Yellow Pages listing.