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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cobbs Hill review in today's D&C

There's a review of Cobbs Hill Italian Bistro (a/k/a Cobbs Hill Pizza) in today's D&C. Apparently food writer Karen Miltner didn't find her pizza as greasy as I did mine, or at least she doesn't mention it if she did.


  1. i cant believe that lady gets paid to write crap like that. there are literally only two sentences in that article describing how the pizza is.

  2. Well, in fairness, she was supposed to review the whole place, I guess, not just the pizza. But I would've liked a photo of the food, rather than a shot of two beer bottles and a potted plant.

  3. maybe i just have different priorities than D&C readers. i prefer your reviews because they actually give me a sense of what the food is like.

  4. Thanks. Whether I like the pizza or not, I always try to explain, as best I can, what it's like - thickness, flavor, texture, etc.


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