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Friday, June 12, 2015

Flour City Pizza, Lyell Avenue

Pizza places have come and gone at 1074 Lyell Avenue: Dom's, Mark's, Paradiso.
Next up is Flour City Pizza, which opened last month. I stopped by the other day for a couple of slices. I got one cheese slice and one pepperoni slice.
Both were thin, with dark brown bottoms and some charring. The cheese slice was more charred than the pepperoni. They were crisp - not shatteringly so, but crisp; when folded, the crust cracked a little, but did not break. The undersides were dry to the touch, with a light dusting of flour.
The slices were well balanced. There was a moderate layer of slightly sweet sauce, accented by a whiff of garlic (perhaps garlic powder) and a faint flavor and aroma of herbs, including, I think, some oregano.
They took a light touch with the cheese here, but I had no complaints about that. With a thin slice, I generally don't want a heavy blanket of cheese. There was enough here to play off the crust and sauce, but not so much as to predominate over the other components.
Besides slices, Flour City offers in 12" and 16" sizes, as well as sheets. Their toppings choices are extensive - five cheeses, six sauces, eight veggies, and eight meats. If you're ordering a pie, you can ask for thin or "original style" crust. I'm assuming these were thin. If they were original, then "thin" must be very thin indeed.
They also do hot and cold subs, burgers, dogs, fries and onion rings. No wings, apparently.
I was rather impressed, and pleased, with these slices. What made me even more pleased was the price - just five bucks for the two slices and a bottle of pop. Based on these slices, I'd say that Flour City Pizza is off to a very good start. Maybe they'll be the ones to make it stick at this location.
I've been avoiding assigning letter grades to places that have only recently opened. Sometimes I do that because the pizza had some flaws, and I don't want to saddle a new place with a bad grade while they're still working the bugs out and trying to get on their feet. That's certainly not a concern here, because this pizza was quite good, but for the sake of consistency I'll defer giving Flour City Pizza a grade until I've had a chance to go back. But I will say that these slices were at least above average, and well worth stopping for.

Flour City Pizza
1074 Lyell Ave., Rochester

Mon. - Wed. noon - 1:30 a.m.
Thu. - Sat. noon - 3:30 a.m.
Sun. noon - midnight

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