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Monday, February 5, 2018

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer

Not all that long ago, Brooklyn, NY was thought of as a place where working-class stiffs spoke barely recognizable English. As in "toid" for "third."
And as a kid, I grew up hating ginger ale, because my mom always made me drink it when I was sick. After she'd stirred it enough to make it go flat. And it was always the same brand, ostensibly from the country to our north.
How things have changed. For some years now, Brooklyn has been more hip than Manhattan. It may soon be taken over in that department by Queens or even the Bronx. 
And ginger is hot, literally and figuratively.
So why not combine the two? That's what they've done at Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer, which makes genuine ginger beer in good old Brooklyn USA.
I recently received a review sample of four varieties of Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer: Traditional, Mango, Earl Grey and Lemon & Lime.
In transit, some bottles seemed to have leaked a bit, so my hands got a little sticky, but it was worth it. Each of these had a unique flavor that let the natural ginger flavor come through. I like the spicy kick of ginger, so unsurprisingly, my favorite was the Traditional. My wife is a tea drinker and loved the Earl Grey. The Mango was more fruity but not cloying, and the Lemon & Lime was like a gingery version of a well-known colorless soda pop, but more gingery than sweet.
In general, I avoid food trends, but I really do like the flavor of ginger. And these have it. I'd like to see them do a ramped-up version that packs some serious gingery heat.
All of these are made with the genuine article, and you will likely see some sediment in the bottle. I gently turned mine upside down before opening, just to evenly distribute the flavor. These are all non-alcoholic products, and are enjoyable as such, but I'm guessing they would make for good mixers if you so choose.
At the moment, it doesn't appear that this product is available at retailers in the Rochester, NY area. Visit their website for more information and updates. But if you can get your hands on some, and would like a soft drink that's a little more interesting than your typical sugary stuff, I don't think you'll be disappointed with Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer.

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