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Friday, September 18, 2009

Bassetti's, Webster - CLOSED

Bassetti's is on South Avenue in Webster, just off Main Street, right in the heart of the village. If a Google search is to be believed, several pizzerias have occupied this space in recent years, including Costanza's, Goodfellas, and Jimmy G's.
If I were a business owner, I'd be leery of trying where so many others have failed, but that never seems to deter people from trying, so here comes Bassetti's. I stopped recently and got a cheese slice.
The slice - which had one rogue slice of pepperoni attached - was medium thick, with a lightly browned underside. The crust was firm, and a bit crackly underneath. It was a little bland and not particularly bready. The outer edge was fairly thick and somewhat chewy.
While the underside was pretty grease-free, there was plenty on top, so much that I held the slice vertically to let some of the oil drip off onto my plate.
The sauce was liberally applied and had some herbal notes. The cheese was also laid on pretty thickly. It was lightly browned and quite stringy.
Bassetti's has a pretty basic menu, with a modest list of pizza toppings, four specialty pizzas, calzones, wings, hot and cold subs, grilled sandwiches, salads, sides and "plates." There's also a Friday fish fry.
This is pretty much a takeout and delivery place. They deliver free with a minimum order of $10. Service was friendly when I stopped. There's no parking lot, but I had no trouble finding a spot nearby on the street on a weekday.
This wasn't bad pizza, especially for about a buck-fifty a slice. Medium thick, with plenty of sauce and cheese. I could do with a little less grease on top, but that's easily sopped up with a napkin. Likewise, the crust was OK - at least it wasn't greasy, soft or soggy - but not as bready as I'd like. I don't know what kind of pizza the previous tenants turned out, but Bassetti's is pretty decent, and I'll give it a B-.
Bassetti's Pizzeria, 9 South Ave., Webster. 545-4010
Mon. 4 - 10 p.m., Tue. - Thu. 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. - midnight, Sun. 2 - 10 p.m.
Pizza Guy Note:  as of September 2010, Bassetti's is reportedly no longer in business.

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