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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MoJoe's, Genesee St.

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Mojoe's Pizza is on Genesee St., about two blocks south of West Main St., in Southwest Rochester. It's kind of a fast-food-style operation, with counter service offering pizza and other, mostly fried items, though I believe they deliver as well.
I got a pepperoni slice, which frankly wasn't very good. The crust, which was on the thick side, was very soft, floppy, spongy, and wet, and fairly greasy as well. Only along the crunchy outer edge was it at all firm, and that was more of a greasy, fried crunchiness than genuine crispness.
The sauce was applied somewhat thickly, but had a thin consistency and not much flavor. The cheese was a bit browned and rather chewy. It was OK, but like the rest of the slice, fairly greasy, and it simply didn't blend or mesh well with the other components.
The pepperoni was actually the best part. It, too, was greasy, but that's more acceptable with pepperoni, particularly of the cup-and-char variety, which tends to form a little bowl that holds its own melted fat, and it was nice and crisp along the edges, with good flavor.
Besides pizza, MoJoe's offers fried chicken, chicken wings, burgers, hot and cold subs, and one item I've not seen at any other pizzeria, Jamaican patties (which I guess are basically meat-filled pastries, something like an empanada).
Perhaps the Jamaican patties or some of the other items are worth a visit to MoJoe's, I can't say. They did seem to be doing a steady business when I stopped by. But as far as the pizza goes, I can't recommend it. I'm giving MoJoe's a D-.
Mojoe's Famous Pizza & Chicken, 337 Genesee St. 235-3930

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