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Friday, June 19, 2009

TK's Pizzeria, Fairport

T K's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon.
T.K.'s Pizzeria is in the middle of the village of Fairport, on Liftbridge Lane, just north of the canal. I tried a lunchtime cheese slice, which was the only kind available at that moment.
T.K.'s menu advertises thin, medium or thick crust pies. I'm guessing this was medium, although I suppose it could've been considered thin.
The browned underside had a crunchy, crackly exterior, with some interior bready texture and flavor. The slice was doused with a fair amount of sauce, which had a somewhat tangy acidic bite. I spotted a few flecks of dried herbs, but it wasn't an especially herbal sauce.
What stood out most was the cheese. I'm not sure if it was 100% mozzarella or a blend of cheeses, but it was definitely applied on the thick side, and was rather chewy. Cheese was the main component here.
T.K.'s has a modest number of toppings available, as well as subs, wings, salads, and a handful of sides. It's nothing fancy on the inside, but there's ample seating. Somewhat unusually for a pizzeria, they're open for lunch from 11 to 1:30, and again for dinner from 4 till 10 (11 on weekends).
Cheesiness aside, the adjective that came to mind as I was eating this slice was "uncomplicated." Medium-thick, bready crust, straightforward sauce, and lots of cheese. Not a bad slice at all, though a tad heavy on the cheese, and a bit thicker than I like. But for what it was - and I guess I'd say this fits within the rough category of "Rochester style" - it was well made, and I'll give it a B.
T.K.'s Pizzeria, 27 Liftbridge Lane, Fairport. 388-1700


  1. Never had a cheese slice from there - actually never just got a slice. I always get the get a whole pie, usually with peperoni and sliced sausage. Never had a bad pie from there. In fact I miss them a bunch

  2. You obviously don't know anything about Pizza. TK's is the best Pizza in the Rochester area, and probably the best in the world. I freeze pie's up and fly them overseas. This blog is a joke.

    1. Go to Huntington NY if you want good pizza. Most of the stuff up here is laughable

    2. Go to Huntington NY if you want good pizza. Most of the stuff up here is laughable

  3. What was I thinking, giving the best pizza in the world only a B, saying that it was not bad at all, and that it was well made?
    Actually, you're quite right. I don't know the first thing about pizza. This entire blog was only meant as a joke. Congratulations on being the first to spot the joke.

  4. Note to readers: TK's is a cash-only establishment! (It's worth it.)


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