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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New York Style Pizza: Empire Pizza opening set

I've been informed that Empire Pizza is set to open on June 19. It will be located at 1733 Empire Boulevard in Webster, in the spot formerly occupied by Bay Hots. Pizza Stop 2 will be run by the son of Pizza Stop owner Jim Staffieri, so the pizza should be virtually the same as the original on State Street.
If you like New York style pizza, live on the East Side, and have never made it downtown to try Pizza Stop, you're in for a treat. It's as authentic a New York style pizza as any you'll find this side of the Hudson River. While there isn't that classic view of the Hudson the foldability of the pizza will have you believing you're in NYC, if only for a second.


  1. Had no idea they pushed the opening back to june 19th.. That sux. I went there last Friday and it was packed, and they were giving away free slices as samples. A lot of ppl were also getting full pies, so maybe the full pies are available for sale already? (not sure). They also mentioned it was opening monday (which is today).
    Oh well

  2. That's odd, I was told the 19th. Maybe that's the "grand" opening?