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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Buffalo Pizza Company

When I travel, I almost always try some local pizza places, but I don't typically write about them on this blog. It is the Rochester NY Pizza Blog, after all, and nobody's coming here looking for stuff about pizza in Orlando or Cape Cod or anywhere else outside this area.
But as I mentioned a while ago, I've been doing some traveling to Buffalo recently, and since most of us have occasion to head out that way from time to time, why not use that to check out, and report on, the Buffalo pizza scene?
On a recent trip, I stopped at Buffalo Pizza Company on Main St. The name sounded promising, too promising perhaps, as I was rather disappointed with my cheese slice.
It was medium thick, with that telltale pancake-like bottom, a mottled pattern of brown and off-white that signals a soft, oily crust. And that's what I got. It wasn't terribly greasy, but it was soft - no "bite" at all.
The slice was topped with a uniform, solid layer of browned mozzarella. Somewhere in between that and the crust was the sauce, which seemed to get lost in the mix. The thin lip at the edge had a bit of crunch, in an oily, fried kind of way, but it was not enough to save this rather soggy crust.
Since this review of a Buffalo pizzeria is just an "extra" on this Rochester-centered blog, I'm not going to give it a specific rating. I want to keep the ratings for places closer to home, because if people are searching the labels they're not apt to be looking for Buffalo pizzerias. But I will say that this wasn't so great. If you're heading to Buffalo, there are better places to grab a slice.

Buffalo Pizza Company, 1769 Main St., Buffalo (716) 881-1111
Open 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily


  1. It looks good to me! :)

  2. You must've came on a bad day...their pizza isn't as you time check la novas, bocces or just pizza

  3. I did a post on Bocce's - click on the "Buffalo" label to find it. I've also got a few more Buffalo posts in the works.

  4. A recommendation for you - Next time you are in Buffalo, go to Pirillo's Pizzeria on Southwestern Blvd, in West Seneca. Order a whole pie (slices are usually old since it is an odd location for a pizza place). It is a good 15 minutes from downtown area, but worth the drive. It's the closest thing to NY-style pizza that I've found in Buffalo since I moved here last year.

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  6. Sorry, Penmaster, no profanity.