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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guys Pizza Co., Pittsford - CLOSED

(NOTE: This establishment is now closed. RPG)
I recently learned of a new pizzeria in Pittsford named Guys Pizza Co. It's a Cleveland- based chain, and this is the first Guys location outside Ohio. (It also has no connection with Five Guys, which is a chain burger joint with a handful of locations in the Rochester area.)
I generally don't get too excited about pizza chains, but hey, this is new to the Rochester area, and so far it's the only Guys location around here, so I was curious enough to take a drive to Pittsford to check it out.
I was planning on getting a slice, and when I arrived, I noticed that their flyers on the counter contained coupons for a free slice, no purchase necessary. So that worked out well. I did but a drink, though, just so I wouldn't feel like a total cheapskate.
Unfortunately, the cheese slice that I got looked as though it had been sitting out for a while, so it wasn't at the peak of freshness, but I still got a pretty good idea, I think, of what their pizza is like.
Which is to say, not all that great. This slice had a thin to medium crust, quite thin toward the tip, and maybe half an inch thick toward the outer edge. The interior was dotted with tiny air holes, and though it wasn't a bad crust, it wasn't very breadlike either. The underside was brown and slightly oily, with a pancake-like appearance. There was a bit of crunch along the edge, but otherwise the crust was pretty unremarkable.
The sauce and cheese were in pretty good balance with the crust, with a moderate layer of each. The sauce was characterized by a somewhat sweet tomatoey flavor, while the browned mozzarella was adequate but again nothing special.
And that's about it. Again, not a bad slice of pizza, just not particularly interesting.
One thing I must say about chains, they generally offer a lot of options, and Guys is no exception. There's a long list of pizza toppings, four different sauces, and 13 specialty pizzas, including a "Garbage Plate Pizza." From their website, it looks as though Pittsford is the only Guys location to offer that particular variety, so I guess they're making some effort to adapt to their local community, which is nice. (Didn't Nick Tahou's register the term "Garbage Plate" with the trademark office, though?) You can also order your pizza half one variety, half another.
Guys' pizzas come in small, medium, large and "New Yorker" sizes (which I take to mean extra large and thin), as well as half and full sheets. They also offer Chicago-style deep dish pizza, "take & bake" pizzas, and their signature item, the "Legendary Guyzones," which the menu describes as a "massively delicious variation to Calzones," though I'm not sure what the "variation" is; they sound like calzones to me. Maybe they're just bigger.
Other menu offerings include salads, wings, quesadillas, wraps, "Guyninis" (a "larger version of a panini sandwich" - I think I see a pattern here), and a few dessert items, including Guys' verision of s'mores (which surprisingly are not called "Guys'mores").
A lot to offer, then, and maybe some of those items are really good. Since they really trumpet their "Guyzones," I guess I'd like to try one sometime. But this pizza didn't impress me too much. It was a bit below average, in my opinion, and I'll give it a C-.
Guys Pizza Co., 18 S. Main St., Pittsford. 248-2222
Mon. - Thu. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 10 a.m. - 11 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.


  1. I got excited when you said they were affiliated with 5 guys (love that place) but doesn't sound like it's anywhere near as good :(

  2. I think you misread - I said there is no connection between them.

  3. Yeah, Nick Tahou's will go after them. They complained about the Woodcliff when they did a fine dining spin on the plate and gave it a French name. Sheesh.

    At any rate, I can't imagine what a "trash" plate pizza would consist of/taste like. Might have to take my plate-loving son there to check it out.

  4. Pizza is decent.
    Does not stand up to the local big boys.
    Better than Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc.
    Value over quality.

  5. I had a guyzone not too long ago and it was a real disappointment. I did olives pepperoni and cheese as fillings. Meager fillings. Crust was eatable but like eating a crustier tougher pancake. Glad I tried it. Won't go back.

  6. I had two, fresh, hot slices of pepperoni for lunch at Guys Pizza yesterday. It was excellent, greasy, foldable pizza. M<aybe a bit too salty. Cust was textured and bubbley but also very thin. I would give it a B+ or A- for it's style, and a B overall (I think I prefer a thicker, bubbley crust, like Brandani's in henrietta, or I prefer a thicker doughy crust like Nino's). If you like thin, folding pizza with lots of goopy salty cheese and spicy meat, this is a place to try.