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Friday, August 10, 2012

Good Guys, Chili Ave.

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I was surprised to discover that my most recent review of Good Guys on Chili Ave. was back in May 2009.
I would've sworn that I'd reviewed it since then. Maybe I was thinking of my review of Good Guys' short-lived second location on Ridgeway Avenue in Greece (now the site of Pizzeria 5).
So certainly it was high time to get back to Good Guys, and to try a full pie from there.
Like a lot of pizzerias, Good Guys offers crusts of varying thickness, thin, thick and "regular." I ordered a regular crust, with half pepperoni and half sweet peppers.
The crust was on the thin side of medium, with a dry underside that displayed some blistery charring underneath. A little flour adhered to the crust, but not enough to detract from what was a pretty good crust. A bit of raw flour was visible in some cracks on the bottom, but it wasn't a major defect.
It was firm enough that an individual slice could be held horizontally, without the tip flopping. The underside was also fairly crisp, on the outside, but with some chew inside. A crunchy edge rounded things out nicely.
The components were also well balanced, with a moderate amount of sauce, melted mozzarella, and a background of herbs. The sauce was neither particularly acidic, salty, nor sweet, but rather a straightforward, tomatoey flavor, and the sauce and cheese nicely complemented the crust. The additional toppings were also fine, although I regretted forgetting to ask for cup-and-char pepperoni, which is available here.
I can best describe this as Rochester style pizza, with some characteristics of New York style. It was a little thinner and crisper than a typical Rochester pizza, but thicker and heavier than classic New York pizza.
All in all, a very good pizza. A little tough to grade - very good, with no particular defects, yet it wasn't so clearly head and shoulders above other pizza in the area as to warrant an A. I've stopped trying to fine-tune my grades with pluses and minuses, so I'm going to go with a B on this one, which is still a good grade. But one or two more fine pies from Good Guys may persuade me to bump them up. I look forward to going back.
Good Guys Pizza, 3313 Chili Avenue #2 14624
(585) 889-2940
Sun. - Thu. 11 a.m. - 10 p.m., Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. - 11 p.m.

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