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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fresh Mozzarella

If any pizzeria owners are reading this, could I just ask that you consider adding some offerings using fresh mozzarella? It's occasionally available at pizzerias around here, but all too rarely. I know it's not as easy to store as the processed kind but it can't be that difficult, as it's not uncommon to see it in NYC, even at basic slice joints. Not only is it the best cheese for Margherita pizza, but it's great on white pizza as well. For my taste, too many white pizzas around here are cheese-heavy, with ricotta on top of processed mozzarella. Way too much cheese, if you ask me, plus to me, ricotta just doesn't work that well on pizza. But a thin layer of olive oil topped with some dollops of fresh mozzarella? Outstanding, literally - a pizzeria offering that around Rochester would truly stand out from the crowd.

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