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Monday, October 18, 2010

NEWS FLASH: Domino's Cheese Comes From ... COWS!

Have you seen these TV ads with the supposedly real Domino's consumer focus group, where the walls of the room suddenly fall away and the people are surprised to find themselves on a dairy farm? The point being, I guess, to show where the cheese on Domino's pizza comes from?
My first reaction was, am I supposed to believe that these people didn't realize that they were really sitting in a fake set, in the middle of a field? Were they drugged or blindfolded first? That made no sense at all.
But besides that, is it supposed to come as a surprise that the cheese on Domino's pizza is made from milk? Or that milk comes from cows? I mean, I never cared much for Domino's pizza, but I always assumed they used real cheese. Did that many people really think otherwise? "Nawww, get outta here! Cows? You kidding me? Next you'll be telling me that the dough is made out of wheat! Or that the sauce comes from tomatoes!"

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