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Friday, March 15, 2013

Valero, Rt. 104, Wayne County

What!?! Gas station pizza? You're reviewing gas station pizza?
Well, yes. No, I have not so completely run out of pizza places to review that I have been reduced to this. But on my recent excursion along Rt. 104 in Wayne County, I was passing by a Valero station when a sign in front proclaiming "NY Style Pizza" caught my eye. My expectations were low, but my curiosity was piqued, and my hopes were high.
My expectations were fully justified. This was some of the worst pizza I've eaten. In fact, I didn't eat it, at least not more than the few nibbles needed to evaluate it.
The self-serve slices were sitting in a warmer on the counter. And I think they had been sitting there for a long time. Now it's true that a slice that's been sitting for a while is probably not representative of what a fresh pizza would be like, but that's why vendors shouldn't let their slices sit for a long time.
The crust on this slice was very thin, which I guess accounts for the "NY Style" claim. But in no other respect did it resemble New York style pizza. The crust was lifeless, with a disagreeably chewy texture, and a browned bottom that was slightly oily to the touch. The corncione along the edge - the saving grace on many an otherwise forgettable pizza - was no less awful, resembling nothing so much as stale fried dough.
Topside, the orangey, oily cheese had been cooked into a solid mass of what can best be described as burnt plastic. What remained of the mostly evaporated sauce was little more than a painted layer between the cheese and the crust.
I kind of like burnt pepperoni, especially of the cup and char variety, so that was the closest thing here to anything enjoyable about this pizza, but there wasn't enough of it to help, and what there was, was welded to the hardened cheese.
Sadly, the two employees with whom I spoke were friendly and helpful. I say "sadly" because I hate to give a bad review to a place where the people seem nice. Please, if you're going to serve bad pizza, then be rude, because it'll make my job that much easier.
But all I can do here is emphasize that I am grading this slice of pizza, nothing more. This may be a fine place to fill up your tank or pick up a cup of coffee or whatever else you need. But as I attempted to eat this slice of pizza, the word that came to mind - it's right there in my notes - was "horrid." It rates an F.
I'm afraid I don't have an address for this establishment. All I can tell you is that it's a Valero station on the south side of Rt. 104 in Wayne County. The Valero website shows a station in that area, but the address given appears to be incorrect. But I doubt that you're going to want to seek this place out, so no matter.


  1. You say you "have not so completely run out of pizza places to review". I agree. There are multiple places in Roch that you haven't reviewed yet (mostly bars that serve pizza, not pizzerias).


  2. hey they can have a gimmick..."RATED WORST PIZZA IN ROCHESTER" Come Try Roch Cha Cha's worst slice!

  3. rhino,
    I'm aware of some of those, but if you can name the ones you know of I'd appreciate it, just to see if I'm missing anyplace. One reason I haven't checked out some of those spots is that I suspect that they just add toppings to premade pizza shells, whether they call them "flatbread," "naan bread," or some other name. I don't think too many people would be going to those kinds of places for the pizza so it's not a high priority for me. But if the occasion arises I'll give them a shot.

  4. Well I am guessing you know at least half of the following. If you do decide to go to a couple of these, do try to call them first and verify that just because their online menu says they have pizza that they actually have pizza. But I just looked up about 15+ of em:

    Argyle Grill - Fairport
    Bazil - Penfield
    Bistro 11 - Victor
    BLU Bar & Grill - Gates (Flatbread pizzas tho)
    Crust Pizza Kitchen - ER
    Edibles - Rochester (unique pizzas on lunch menu)
    Fairfields Grill - Penfield
    Filling Station Pub & Grill - Webster
    Good Luck - Rochester (Often has at least one pizza on menu)
    Label 7 - Pittsford (One pizza option on lunch menu)
    LaRosa's Italian Kitchen and Bar - Bushnells Basin
    Links Bar & Grill - Fairport (virtual golf center)
    Mama Lor's Cafe - Webster
    Merchants Grill - Rochester (still serves pizza)
    Monroes Restaurant - Pittsford (Flatbread pizzas tho)
    Next Door Bar & Grill - Pittsford (Margherita pizza)
    Otto Tomottos - Victor (pizza on lunch menu)

  5. I am aware of most but not all of those. A very fine list for which I thank you! I've covered Otto Tomottos (2/2/12) and Good Luck (10/26/12). I've been to Crust and Fairfields, and posts will be coming up soon. But that still leaves me with plenty to keep me busy. Thanks again.

  6. No problem!
    I forgot to mention Prosecco Italian Restaurant in Farmington. I think it is dinner-only tho.

  7. Prosecco has been on my to-do list for a while. I think it's owned by the folks from Lemoncello in East Rochester, which I was not terribly impressed with on my one visit, but I do want to check it out.

  8. One more:
    The new Flour City Grill has pizza on both their lunch and dinner menus online (
    Its in Brighton.

  9. One more:
    The recently opened Rumi's in Brighton also serves pizza:

  10. New pizza place in Henrietta:
    Hoagies Deli-Pizza