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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pizza Blog on "Best of Rochester" Final Ballot

City Newspaper's released the final ballot for its "Best of Rochester" survey today. The contestants in each category are the top four vote-getters from the preliminary, write-in ballot last month. The pizzeria choices are Little Venice, Mark’s Pizzeria, Pontillo’s, and Salvatore’s. I have some thoughts about that, but I'll save them for later.
I'm happy to say that The Rochester NY Pizza Blog is on the ballot in the Best Local Blog category. Thank you to all who voted, and please cast your ballot in the finals!


  1. I voted for ya!
    As far as the lackluster "best pizzeria" choices, don't blame me tho... i voted pizza stop.
    Perhaps more poll takers are city residents as opposed to city workers, hence why little venice is on there.

  2. I think the South Wedge probably has a relatively high proportion of City readers too. Thanks for the vote!