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Monday, January 17, 2011

New Pizzeria News

The "New Businesses" section in the Democrat and Chronicle lists Ferrara's Pizza coming to 3872 Lyell Rd. That's the address of Carmine's Express, so it looks as if changes may be in the offing.
Speaking of Ferrara's, I remember there used to be a Ferrara's Pizza on Titus Ave., across from the House of Guitars. It was the first place I ever had a Margherita pizza. I don't think I'd consider it a classic Margherita today, as it was made with processed mozzarella and was topped with chopped olives, among other things. But it was damn tasty. I used to drive up from my then-apartment on Rochester's east side to get it.
That Ferrara's later closed and Pudgie's went in there. Now Pudgie's is gone and there's some non-pizza business at the location. Given how many years it's been, I doubt there's any connection between that Ferrara's and the new one, but I'll have to find out.
Pizza Guy correction:  a previous version of this post gave the address as that of DiRosato's. DiRosato's is at 3639 Lyell Rd. and is still going strong. I regret the error.


  1. Just called DiRosato's. They seem to be still open.

  2. Thanks. I should've done that myself. But I'll edit the post to reflect that.
    The new business listing is a mystery to me, then.

  3. wrong information...DiRosatos has been moved out of that spot for about 10 years... It actually home to Carmines ...pretty sure it is NOT the same Ferrara's and the address in your article belongs to Carmines....and there is where the DBA that you saw that was listed in the paper was for..

  4. Thank you. Guess I found some outdated information but I should've caught it.

  5. Ferrara's is open now i think... except its not at the address u listed. Its at 485 Spencerport Road.

  6. Thank you! I swear I got that address from the D&C. I think there was some confusion on their part with a hair salon by that name on Lyell Rd.
    I checked out Ferrra's website and their Margherita sounds an awful lot like the one I used to get at the old Ferrara's. I am going there as soon as I can (maybe today) and will ask if they are connected with the old place.