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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local pizza news

This week's City Newspaper has several pizza-related items, including a review - sort of - of Big Deal Pizzeria, which suggests to me that maybe I should give it another try, as I wasn't too crazy about it when I first tried it, shortly after it opened. City's Tricia Seymour didn't actually try Big Deal's pizza, but owner Kevin Wratni is reported as saying that their dough is "cold fermented for 24 hours, and then hand tossed," and that he "uses a stone deck oven versus a conveyor belt to bake the pizzas." Outside of the big chains, at least, I don't know of too many places that don't hand toss the dough, or that use conveyor belts (thank god), but a cold, 24-hour rise should produce good dough, and a stone deck oven is generally a good thing, so one of these days I'll give Big Deal another shot.
City also has a mini-review of Lucca Pizza in Victor, which I haven't gotten to yet, as well as notes about Bay Goodman's recent move, and about a new place on Culver, Big Daddy's Pizza Pit & Grocery, which I'll add to the to-do list.
Speaking of new pizzerias, I don't report every time I see a new place open up, although I do try to keep my map up to date. There have been several recent additions to the map, including Sully's on South Ave. downtown and Mama Lizzie's on Lyell Ave. Oh, and Hong Kong House on South Clinton, which I'm dying to try, if only because I find the idea of a Chinese restaurant serving pizza irresistible. So check the map for the most current listing of pizzerias. And as always, if you know of a place that isn't listed, please email me. I will generally try to get to a new place before too long, but I do like to give them a few weeks at least to get the bugs out (figuratively speaking) before I post a review.


  1. Probably isn't worth another try. I've had it a couple times and it does have potential, but I think they just aim to please their crowd. Good drunk pizza.

  2. Maybe that's the problem, I've only been there sober.